Dear reader, thank you for visiting this website. Through this website we would like to inform you about the existence, the goal and the events of the foundation Keep Henk Rocking.

To our great sadness Henk Strampel, my partner and father of Rémon, Danny and Rick was diagnosed with a very serious, chronic and debilitating disease called: Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS).

Henk’s PPMS is progressing rapidly and according to the specialist in the Netherlands his future is bleak. There is no treatment to cure or even slow down this form of MS. Hearing this horrific news from the doctor your world falls apart.
You think “this is the end”, “how will I tell my children, my loved ones?”.

After processing the initial shock, we decided we can’t give up without a fight. And now we are so glad we didn’t because there is hope!

We found Hematopioetic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT). This is not some alternative method. It is a tried and tested method used to deal with many Auto Immune diseases. There are many people that were in a similar situation as Henk who have undergone HSCT and actually stopped MS.

Sadly HSCT is not out of the trial phase for the use against MS. These trials are very long and slow, especially when there is no financial incentive for pharmaceutical companies to push it through. Although it is already mentioned in European legislation as the suggested treatment for similar cases, the insurance companies are still not covering the treatment.

This treatment with a high success rate and Henk’s only chance, has to be done outside of the Netherlands and the costs vary between €65.000 and €100.000.

The goal of the Keep Henk Rocking foundation is to raise as much money as possible to make this treatment a possibility for Henk and give him back a future!

Thank you for reading.
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